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Residential Tile Roofing in Arizona

Residential Tile Roofing is The Most Popular Roof in the Phoenix Area

We see tile roofing all over Arizona. The tile is usually pretty durable. Where you have problems is when the underlayment barrier between the tile and the plywood wears out. Once this happens, it can cause your roof to leak which will damage everything below your roof.

Sometimes during our monsoon season, the wind gets bad enough to lift the tiles on your roof exposing the underlayment and plywood, causing leaking. We can also get hail at times that can do damage to tile roofing. This is pretty infrequent as tile roofing is a lot more durable to hail than other types of roofing material.
Tile roofs have been staples in the construction world for quite a long time now here in Arizona, and with good reason. Making any decisions that relate to roofing systems can be quite difficult. Roofs come in all sorts of diverse materials that bring different advantages to the equation. The advantages of tile roofs may differ from those that are associated with their metal counterparts. If you’re currently thinking about possibly getting a tile roof for your home anywhere in or around Gilbert, AZ then you should first take the time to learn more about the positives and drawbacks of the material.


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Tile roofs, first of all, have longevity on their sides. They can easily stand the test of time. If you look after a tile roof in the appropriate manner, it may be able to remain strong and intact for more than a full century. Tile roofs can in many cases hold their own against fire, intense winds and hail.

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These roofs aren't vulnerable at all to rotting. They're not at all vulnerable to harm that's associated with insect invasions. They differ from wood in this sense. Tile roofs just aren't prone to deterioration and degradation.

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It can be a joy to have a roofing system that's energy efficient. Tiles have significant thermal mass and because of that can help keep temperatures inside in check. If you want to spend less on heating and cooling bills all throughout the year, investing in a tile roof may be a smart idea.

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Maintaining a tile roof doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. These roofs rarely experience water leaks. They generally do not call for a lot of repair work, either.

These roofs can be wonderful for people who like being able to pick between all sorts of exciting options. You can pick between slate, concrete and clay tile varieties. They’re accessible in a dizzying assortment of styles and colors and because of that can work in conjunction with structures that feature all kinds of design approaches.

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